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"Evidence now confirms that noncommunicable chronic diseases can stem from infectious agents. Furthermore, at least 13 of 39 recently described infectious agents induce chronic syndromes. Identifying the relationships can affect health across populations, creating opportunities to reduce the impact of chronic disease by preventing or treating infection. As the concept is progressively accepted, advances in laboratory technology and epidemiology facilitate the detection of noncultivable, novel, and even recognized microbial origins. A spectrum of diverse pathogens and chronic syndromes emerges, with a range of pathways from exposure to chronic illness or disability. Complex systems of changing human behavioral traits superimposed on human, microbial, and environmental factors often determine risk for exposure and chronic outcome. Yet the strength of causal evidence varies widely, and detecting a microbe does not prove causality. Nevertheless, infectious agents likely determine more cancers, immune-mediated syndromes, neurodevelopmental disorders, and other chronic conditions than currently appreciated". Center for Disease Control (CDC)


Research supporting the "Similarities and Paradoxes in Chronic Illnesses" include but are not exclusive to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia , Gulf War Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Illnesses, Lyme Disease and autoimmune diseases. The research supports the premise that we need more research on the infectious connections between all chronic illnesses. The following research studies support the above statement by the CDC. 



Bacterial & Viral Infections - Click on following underlined web addresses for Research studies.                                                                   ( The following reseach information was compiled by Sandi Lanford.)

Evidence for Bacterial ( Mycoplasm , Chlamydia) and Viral ( HHV-6) Co- Infections In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients  

   Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients Subsequently Diagnosed with Lyme Disease Borrelia burgdoferi : Evidence for Mycoplasma species Co-Infections                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Lyme Disease Presenting as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome                                                                                                                                            

Detection of an Infectious Retrovirus, XMRV, in Blood Cells of Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Lyme Borreliosis at the Root of Multiple Sclerosis - is a Cure with Antibiotics Attainable?


Bacterial Infection as a Cause of Cancer                                                                                      

How Diarrheal Bacteria Cause Some Colon Cancers Revealed in Mouse Studies

Direct Visualization Propionibacteium Acnes in Prostrate Tissue by Multicolor Fluorescent in Situ Hybridization Assay


Alzheimer's Study Leads to Better Drug for Infections                                                                                                                                                       

Plaques of Alzheimer's Disease Originate from Cysts of Borrelia burgdorferi the Lyme Disease Spriochete .                         


Chronic Neurologic Manifestations of Lyme Disease                                                                                                                                                 

Neurologic Manifestaions of Lyme Disease in the Pediatric Populations c8237a2ae855ba c6852567c700120021 ?OpenDocument

Lyme - Associated Parkinsonism: A Neuroopathologic Case Study & Review of the Literature   -                                                                        2165( 2003)127%3C1204:LPANCS%3E2.0.CO%3B2

Researchers Identify Cell Group Key to Lyme Disease Arthritis  -                                                                                                                                


Fibroymalgia , Chronic Fatigue syndrome, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities                                                                                                

Inflammation and Central Nervous System Lyme Disease                                                                                                                                     

New Immune Cell Found to be a Key to Inflammatory Diseases  -                                                                                                                              

Chronic Inflammation and Amyloidogenesis in Alzheimer's Disease - Role of Spirochetes                                                                          

J ournal of Alzheimer's Disease                                                                                                                                                                                      

High Prevalence of 'Borrelia-like' Organisms in Skin Biopsies of Sarcoidosis                                                                                                    


An Association Between Sciatica and Micro-organisms                                                                                                                                          6736( 00)05109-6/abstract

Morgellons disease, illuminating an undefined illness: a case series.  -                                                                                                                       


Lyme, Depression, and Suicide                                                                                                                                                                                     

Late-Life Depressive Symptoms Are Associated With Both Hyperactivity and Hypoactivity of the Hypothalamo -Pituitary - Adrenal Axis


Infections and Autoimmune Diseases                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Autoimmune Disease in the era of the Metagenome                                                                                                                        

Bacterial Triggers and Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases                                                                                                                                            



RESEARCH LINKS - (Click on Titles for Sites)

Lyme Disease Research Studies

Updated Rates of Common U.S. Neurological Disorders

Cystic Forms of Bb

Borrelia burgdorferi in its various forms

Gestational Lyme borreliosis. Implications for the fetus. MacDonald AB

Transfection "Junk" DNA - a link to the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease?

Infection with Multiple Strains of Borrelia

Research done on MS and antibiotic therapy
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Studies on Parkinson's

High Blood Pressure Could Be Caused by a Common Virus - CMV

Greater Understanding of Lyme Disease-causing Bacteria

For information on Mycoplasmas go to Professor Garth Nicolson's website: 

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