We do not have the ability to predict things, we may have access to the news for a nearing storm but we can never really imagine the extent of what this storm can do to us and to our homes. 

The roofs we have don’t just add up to how fancy our house can look or how it complements the color of the yard it is an investment as well as a protection. Even if we have invested in a roof that is sturdy, our roof can only withstand something it was built for and sometimes a storm too strong won’t help your roof do its job perfectly. The roof in your home is at risk and thoughts of repairs, maintenance and replacements are not really cheap. So, how can you do your part in protecting your investment? 

  • Trees are not that harmless: If you love the trees in your yard, you may be a fan of them growing big and tall. Growing trees are sometimes uncontrollable, they grow their branches in directions you cannot predict and sometimes they grow old and outgrow their branches and it falls somewhere in your yard but sometimes in your roof. Having a tree is good for you but it may never always be the case with your roof. When storms come, your tree might collapse in your roof and it can seriously bring so much damage. 


  • Always do your inspection: It is not a new rule to always check in on your property and that includes your roof. Checking your roof for possible dents or maybe even leaks not only saves you from further roof damage but also saves you from possible wall damage or floor damage in your home. 


  • Make sure to insulate: In places who constantly experiences cold weather or snow this will help in preventing ice dams in your roof. Ice dams are water that actually stays in your roof and when there is too much heat form your homes the snow melts and when this water freezes again, the water can get into your home. This can cause you a lot of damages from the water seeping through and can even lead to further replacement of your roof. This will not only lead to counter the role of your roof but also causes a lot of money. 


  • Ventilation: Making sure your roof is properly ventilated is vital in the nearing storm. You won’t be happy if the storm takes your roof away. 

These ways are very easy to follow and are something that you can easily do on your own. Moreover, checking on your roof not only makes sure the condition of your room when the next storm comes, it also ensures that you and your family are safe and prepared. 

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